LEDMART LED 7w Downlight Concealed Light

156.00 90.00

  • Material:- PVC, Light Color :- White, 7W Inbuilt Driver
  • Quantity in Box:- 2 Pieces ( Pack of 2 Pieces)
  • Suitable Concealed Box Size :- 2.5” X 4”
  • The product comes with 15 days checking the warranty and 1 yr replacement warranty, whichever part will stop working will be exchanged with the new one, like if led is off ship us the faulty led we will send new one same for driver. Warranty does not valid for the product which are gone off from voltage fluctuations. The warranty period begins on the day the product is originally shipped. The warranty covers all of the items and conditions identified in the original manufacturers warranty.
  • High efficiency and lower power consumption, delivers high brightness and excellent illumination, long life of LED’s and driver.


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